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Why Military Veterans Are Amazing Business Owners

Veterans have exciting opportunities as they transition from the military to civilian life, especially when choosing their career path. However, exploring options and determining their next career steps can be stressful. After committing a meaningful amount of time to protecting and defending their country, finding career satisfaction in post-military roles can be challenging.

One exciting opportunity for many veterans is business ownership. This is a popular career alternative for veterans looking for a challenge in the next chapter of their lives. Currently, there are more than 405,000 veteran-owned businesses in the United States, comprising 7.5 percent of the 5.4 million businesses in the country. Building your own business as a retirement consultant and life insurance salesperson may be the right path for you if you are looking for a challenging and rewarding post-military service career opportunity.


Military veterans have strong leadership skills, no matter what branch of military service they come from, their job, or whether they were in active combat. They have confidence in their training, knowledge, and ability to ensure that the job gets done and done correctly. They must be quick thinkers and make high-level decisions that can have a significant impact based on the outcome. This skill translates well for someone interested in building a business and motivated to understand what they are doing to make decisions confidently. Being empowered to grow a business in this industry means they will take the initiative and find success without continually being told how to move forward.


Building, training, and supporting a team for a growing business is the difference between earning a good income and having a dream income. Military veterans work as a team throughout their military careers. They understand the need to ensure their teammates' success is as essential as their own. Military veterans are competitive and independent, which is an important trait, but they don't isolate themselves from their team. Looking out for the others on their team ensures that everyone succeeds as a unit. This ideology is excellent for growing your business, as the overall goal should be to better your company with the help of your team. When you own your own business, you need to be willing and ready to support your team — and know that you will have a support system behind you, helping you reach your personal and professional goals.


The military teaches people to think strategically, helping them assess the long-term outcome while focusing on what's happening at the moment. Business owners need to think about what's happening today, tomorrow, and next week but must also make decisions that make sense for their business's long-term success. Growing a business is often a balancing act; business owners with military experience are well-equipped to navigate the planning and risk management decisions that come with running their business. This allows them to be more confident in their choices and their company's direction.


Another parallel between owning a business and military service is the need to be resilient and persevere even when the going gets tough. Business owners and service members must be able to handle adversity and maintain their focus in high-stress environments. The self-motivation and resilience learned in the military help veteran-turned-business owners continue working hard even when nobody is there to make them do so. Knowing their hard work will ultimately help them achieve their goals.

Veterans who choose to start their own business do so for various reasons. Many of those reasons are the same reasons that attract business owners who don't have a military background, including the ability to control their future, income potential that doesn't have a glass ceiling, and the flexibility to manage their own schedules. Many veterans are also attracted to building their own businesses because of the control it gives them over their profession and the opportunity to continue giving back to the communities they serve.

At ValuTeachers, many of our associates come from military backgrounds. They are very successful because of the skills they bring. Pair that with the support we offer and the sky is the limit for your potential to succeed.

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