Christmas Snow

List of Qualified & Invited Associates 

Anna Vignetti & Peter Pope

Chad Dixon

Craig Fitts

David Barker

Dawn Hurst

Donald Lamb

Doug Eury

Elizabeth Dakens

Erik Western

Gilbert Lugo

Hollye Bailey

Jimmie & Cherri LeBlanc

Kathi Gibson

Malcom Bosworth

Michael Johnson

Patty Younger

Rodney Williams

Suzanne Thibodeaux

Takisha Wilson

Teresa Martin

Terri Dress

Todd Haygood

Tracy Sims

Wes Fleming

Joey Clinton

We only have a few spots remaining! Reach out to your marketing team member if you have any questions


Eligible Associates joined ValuTeachers between 2019 and 2022 and never have been on the Vermont trip before.

Path One

20 Paid Apps by Oct 31, 2022, and 1 recruit

Path Two

30 Paid Apps by Oct 31, 2022

The agenda and other details about this trip are coming soon!