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It Starts With The Family

Let me introduce you to a piece of my heart, Mami Rosa and Papi Neno, my amazing grandparents who shaped me into the woman I am today. ⁣

In 1980 they left Cuba and journeyed to this country in search of freedom and a better life. They were almost 70 when they had their new start, but they worked hard and pressed on. ⁣

Their dream was to see their family thrive in the land of opportunity. ⁣

Many Latinos share the same dream of my grandparents. They work hard to provide for their families, however, when it comes to preparing for their golden years, statistics show that only 31% participate in an employer-sponsored plan for savings.⁣

But other numbers show that when retirement benefits are properly explained, nearly 95% take full advantage of savings programs offered to them!⁣

The difference comes in when they are properly educated on these topics in their language!⁣

Because of these alarming numbers, my passion for education, and the Latin pride that runs through my blood, I’ve made it my mission to be deliberate in making an impact to spread financial literacy to the Latin community. ⁣

I don’t want a language barrier to be the reason for someone not to take full advantage of benefits being offered to them and saving for retirement. ⁣

If you know someone in this situation, I’m here to help, hablo español!

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