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Build Your Next Career With a Company Committed to Your Success

ValuTeachers is committed to transitioning coaches who have an entrepreneurial spirit and who want to be in control of their time, personal growth, and financial future.

Coaches are some of the most successful ValuTeachers Associates because of the special skills they bring. 
Coaches Are Motivated and Dedicated
Coaches Are Committed to Teamwork
Coaches Bounce Back From Adversity
Coaches Are Strategic & Committed to Achieving Goals
Coaches Are Involved With their Community

Coaches never truly "retire" from the game they love dearly, but many seek opportunities beyond their athletic career that empowers them to mentor others while in a competitive role.

ValuTeachers offers a part-time or full-time opportunity that is perfect for coaches to be successful and rewards them with amazing income potential.


"As a 41 year veteran in the coaching profession, ValuTeachers replaced the love I had for coaching student athletes excel in competition to helping my professional colleagues excel in their financial planning as they prepare to retire."

Rory C. | Coached Basketball, Baseball, & Football

Throughout Tennessee and Alabama High Schools


"I got into teaching and coaching to make a difference in people, and hopefully, I have made some difference in those lives. ValuTeachers allows me to continue that tradition by helping others with their retirement dreams."

Anderson B. | Basketball, Track & Field Head Coach, and AD for Baldwin, GA High School

"ValuTeachers has given me the opportunity to continue to help people after retiring from education. As a teacher and coach, it was my goal to see everyone succeed to the best of their ability. Now, I can still be there to help all our clients retire with financial dignity."

Wayne F. | Coached Basketball, Baseball, Football & Golf

Appalachian State University | USC-Lancaster | Northwestern HS | Lancaster HS | Clover HS | Wade Hampton HS | Eastside HS


"My journey as a coach on the field and in the classroom, mine continues with ValuTeachers. Training, motivating, and encouraging are still part of what I do, but now it's for retirement and financial success which sets the field for winning."

Jo Lynn S. | Coached Softball, Basketball, Soccer, & Cheer

for Huntland, TN High School and Middle School

It's Your Time to Win Big Again!

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