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Teachers Struggle to Make Ends Meet

Updated: May 19, 2022

When enrolling in a college, a student chooses a major based on what they love and their interests. Some students’ interests lead them to higher-paying jobs, while others are lower-paying. However, it’s never a student’s goal or intention to pick a job that requires them to work two jobs. Unfortunately, teachers have fallen into the category of those who need a second job to pay their bills or take care of their children.

Second Jobs Not Related to Teaching

For most, thinking of a teacher having a second job, one would think that the teacher would be tutoring or coaching as their second job, but sadly, that’s not the case for most teachers. According to, about 20% of teachers hold second jobs during the school year, while 16% of teachers have non-school jobs over the summer. These jobs could be anything from working in a clothing store to working at a restaurant. While their teaching salary is going towards their bills, their second job is paying for childcare or their child’s education.

Being Deterred from Being an Educator

For some teachers, working a second job has deterred them from teaching. According to a National Education Association survey, 55% of teachers plan to leave the profession earlier than they had planned to. Teachers are burned out and tired of not having enough time for their families because of having to work a second job in the evenings. Therefore, teachers decide to find a different job where they do not have to work that second job.

Why Stay?

For those who do stay, they are often asked why. Teachers stay because they love their students. According to, more than 2 in 5 teachers said that their love for their students or their caring for young people is what prompted them to stay. The teachers who remain do not want to leave their passion, which is the reason they started teaching in the first place. They love kids, and it would be devasting for them to go.


Most educators understand the importance of retirement but don’t necessarily have the funds to be able to put a lot away towards their retirement. Most teachers have to ration out their paycheck to ensure they have enough for bills, groceries, etc. That means that their retirement plans suffer as they are placed on the back burner for a later time that never comes.

How We Can Help

ValuTeacher's misson is to help our educators secure their retirement dreams. For those still in the teaching profession, we want to help them retire with as much money as possible to enjoy their retirement. For those who are looking for supplemental income, we want to help them grow a business in a profession that they are passionate about and be able to help those around them in school.

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