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Transitioning Educators: There is a Perfect Place for Your Dreams to Come True

Teachers are making weekly headlines, but not for the reasons educators might want. With the growing stress of teaching and increased expectations with a very modest wage, you can see why teachers are leaving their posts as an educator.

A Teacher in Sales?

Can teachers be successful going into sales as a career? ABSOLUTELY! You would be amazed as to what skills transfer over from being an educator (or coach) into sales, more importantly, into building your own business as a retirement specialist.

Let's talk flexibility. One of the benefits of being a school teacher is the extended time off for Winter and Spring breaks and, of course, the Summer. One problem is that many educators are working during these breaks. Sometimes it is to make a little extra income, while other times, it’s to catch up on the planning they are behind on. As a retirement specialist at ValuTeachers, you are your own boss. You decide when you work and when you take some personal time off. You have no one to answer to but yourself. That might mean you don’t get the entire Summer off since there is the potential for money to be made, but you will undoubtedly have the work-life balance you deserve. You can even start part-time and transition into full-time when the time is right.

Teachers Helping Teachers

At Valuteachers, we are dedicated to working with educators and other school employees. We have direct access to school systems all over the country. We meet with and help thousands of school employees secure their retirement dreams by supplementing their pensions with products like 403b, 457, and IRAs. This is where a former educator can shine and be vastly successful. Who better to consult with a teacher about their retirement than someone who once was in their shoes.

You wouldn't think most teachers would be comfortable in a sales role, but this is more than sales; it's consulting. Moreover, it's educating. It's obvious that a teacher has a desire to learn and a passion for educating. Being a retirement specialist is basically listening to the needs of your client, sharing the knowledge you have, and offering options based on the client's needs. It’s not just about you educating your clients about retirement options. It’s also about embracing a lifetime of learning to be the best consultant you can be.

The Communicator

A good teacher isn’t just an expert in their field. They are gifted communicators who know how to impart their knowledge in a way that engages their students and empowers them to grasp the material. That’s true of ValuTeachers Associates too. Many people, including school employees, need these products and services but don’t realize how accessible they are and how they will change the outlook for the future—but a strong communicator can help them learn what they need to know. You’re not just selling products; you’re helping people understand why it’s essential to consider the options you present and how they can financially protect themselves and their families.

Knowledge is the Difference

One of the delights of a teacher is when a student has a breakthrough and fully comprehends a lesson being taught. As a teacher, you know that the student will carry that knowledge with them for the rest of their life. The same can be said at ValuTeachers. Our training has been formulated to give associates who are new to the industry training that will transform them into industry experts. Match that up with the ValuTeachers’ continuous support, mentoring program, and tools, and any teacher dedicated to building their own business will successfully transition from educator to ValuTeachers Associate.

If you have a desire to transition from school employee to creating your own success, ValuTeachers can help. We work with former educators every week and help them start their incredible journey to building something that they can call their own.

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